Saturday, Jan. 31
Albany, NY

With help from readers, I’ve put together a list of most popular blog posts. Here’s your chance to scroll through and make sure you’ve read the best stories.


Homecoming: I reunite with a polygamous family in the village of Fongo-Ndeng.

Feeding and healing: A night of celebration for a grieving family.

The gift of school: Money collected from readers of this blog to pay for school was cause for joy in Fongo-Ndeng.

A very long layover: Unwilling to pay a bribe? Unable to leave the airport.


Special delivery: Why I took the risk of carrying a package from a stranger on a flight.

Old, wrinked and inspiring: An unusual bunkmate had a strong impression on me.

Zen: High on travel.

Overnight debacle: An adventure I’d rather avoid:  sleeping in a not-so-safe bush taxi station.

West Africa:

Jean and Lolita: Watching a sick boy in Burkina Faso connect with a chimp.

Desert by camel: Experiencing a sandstorm in Timbuktu.

Making much from mud: Exploring Djenne, Mali, where all buildings are made of mud.

* If there’s another post you’d like to see included here, let me know and I’ll add the link.