Sunday, Jan. 25
Back in the States

It’s game time.

Time to write. Time to create. Time to turn all the blog entries from the last six months into one cohesive story, a travel tale that will appeal to the masses. I’m writing a book!

And I need your help. You’ve read this blog for months, and no doubt made judgements on which stories you liked and which you hated. Now I want you to share them with me.

Which blog entries made you laugh? Cry? Stop reading after the first sentence? Or come back to my site first thing the next morning, hoping for another story? Which tales stuck with you? Which did you tell your friends about? Which made you give this blog link to your co-worker in the cube next door?

Comment below, or e-mail me at alexiskgrant(AT) I’ll put together a list of your favorites and post them here. We’ll create a “Best of Inkslinging,” so I can create a best-selling book.

Merci, merci!