Saturday, July 5
Zebrabar, Mouit, Senegal

I’m in heaven.

Zebrabar heaven, that is. I arrived via taxi from Saint-Louis yesterday to find a tranquil beach oasis with hammocks, kayaks and an outlook tour. I’ve got my own bungalo here for just CFA 6,000 (about 15 dollars)a night – mosquito net included, with shared, clean toilets and showers.

Zebrabar beach

It’s a mix between a modest resort, since there’s a restaurant here, and a campground, and they do have many visitors who pitch tents during the high season. High season for bird-watching, that is. The place is located in a national parc, Parc National de la Langue de Barbarie, on the Senegal River and also next to the ocean.

I spent my first afternoon there talking with an Irish woman who is traveling around the world as a couch-surfer, a Senegalese painter who now lives in Paris but is home for vacation, and a local fisherman who showed me the difference between a male and female sand crab. The beaches here are crawling with the purple creatures, a lovely change from the litter that overtakes the sand in much of the places I’ve visited.

Zebrabar is run by a Swiss couple who began building the compound 12 years ago when it was just land covered with coconut trees. Martin told us visitors – there are only four of us at the moment – about how he fell in love with Africa, is bringing his son and daughter up there, and how he loves traveling in the rainy season, which often is considered a hassle because many roads are impassable. We talked over dinner, switching between French and English, sitting at a table that looked out over the beach at sunset.

The only thing Zebrabar lacks is Internet access, so I hopped a taxi to town today to catch up on this blog and buy some food and bottled water. I’ll return there tonight and stay a few days, so you won’t hear from me for a bit. Here, a few photos so you know what I’m enjoying!

My bungalo


E (Irish friend) with PianoView from watch tower